Good luck to BHC members in Bournemouth Half Marathon next weekend

Good luck to BHC members in Bournemouth Half Marathon next weekend

In a week’s time four ladies from Bournemouth Hockey Club will join thousands of runners along the seafront to take part in the Bournemouth Half Marathon as part of the Bournemouth Marathon Festival. I commend anyone for taking part in this fabulous event which has been running along our beautiful coastline for the last 4 years, and I expect there are quite a few BHC members also taking part, but what is particularly commendable for these ladies is that on the most part they really aren’t runners, well not long distance ones anyway!

Ok, so Pip Woods is somewhat of a seasoned runner, triathlete and extraordinary fundraiser, and when she’s not scoring goals on the hockey pitch she has been known to enter several of these events in the past. That being said, this year she has managed to cajole three of her non-running team-mates (via a WhatsApp team talk), to run for a very worthy cause – Julia’s House – to help raise even more money for this fantastic children’s hospice charity, which aims to bring comfort and care to families whose children are living with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition.

Pip has successfully managed to recruit three of the Ladies 2s formidable defence… goalkeeper Jo Eaton, Leanne Hoskins and Wendy Rogers. No, the midfield were not so interested in putting themselves through the grueling training (shame on us)!

Here are their stories…and links to sponsor/support them if you can.

Pip Woods

4 years ago I started fundraising for Julia’s House and have done various runs, triathlons and cycles ever since.  This year I am running the Bournemouth Half marathon again in October, but with a lovely group of my non marathon running friends, they ALL wanted to do it, really they did!

Support Pip on her JustGiving page here

Jo Eaton

Back in 2014, I ran (shuffled and crawled) my first Half Marathon, swearing at the finish line, through my sobs, to NEVER, EVER do it again!

Regrettably, whilst away for work and drinking alone I had one too many glasses of a full-bodied red and was coerced into signing up again by my hockey team via a WhatsApp pincer movement! Will I ever learn?!!!

Support Jo via JustGiving using this link

Leanne Hoskins

Sometimes you need to challenge yourself, sometimes others encourage you to challenge when my Teamy friend Pip said ‘why don’t you run a half marathon with me’ I said ok…then I thought about it…this is scary! Julia’s house is a very worthy I will do it!

Support Leanne via JustGiving using this link

Wendy Rogers

Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE RUNNING!! When our hockey coach suggested doing some running app out of season to keep fitness up, I nearly threw up at the thought.  Whenever I’d attempted to run in the past, I’d talk myself into quitting after 10 minutes saying to myself ‘this much pain can’t be doing me any good!’.  People who know me also know I don’t like to fail at anything, so I decided I’d give it a go, starting a couple of months ago whilst on holiday -bizarrely! I’m now up to about 10k and was invited to sign up to a half marathon by a couple of teammates! ‘ER NOT A CHANCE’, was my reply. After a couple more drinks I was in 😱!

Support Wendy via JustGiving using this link

With one week to go these women have raised over £1,500! #smashingtargets #challengeaccepted #teameffort

There will be many of their teammates lining the route on Sunday, and if you’re also entering we’ll be sure to support you as well. Just look out for the loud bunch of ladies with Julia’s House swag providing encouragement!!

Good luck to everyone next weekend and well done for what you have achieved so far.

(The Bournemouth Half Marathon begins at 8am on Sunday – further information can be found on their website)


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