Memberships have gone digital

This year Bournemouth Hockey Club’s membership process has gone digital!

Following the launch of our new website last year, we’re now pleased to announce that the second stage in our digital journey is complete, online registration forms 😀 

Thanks to the hard work of Kevin Candy, Junior Membership Secretary, and webmaster Gillian Forsyth, we now have an adult and junior registration form for ALL members to fill in.

For anyone wishing to play hockey for Bournemouth this year, including attending training sessions, a registration form MUST be filled in.

As well as registering your personal details, this form also contains membership payment details (incl. fees and process for paying), and a player agreement statement which we encourage everyone to acknowledge.

So whether you’re a full adult member, university player, junior or parent, we need your support to fill in this form, and pay membership fees on time.

The adult registration form is available here.

The junior registration form is available here.

Further details about membership options can be found here.

Should you have any issues with the form then please get in touch with Kevin. Similarly any queries relating to how your information is stored or processed get in touch with him in the first instance. Our privacy policy can be found here.