Child Welfare Policy

Bournemouth Hockey Club has adopted the following Child Protection Policy to ensure that the welfare and safety of children in its care or custody is always the primary consideration.

Bournemouth Hockey Club is committed to providing an environment where children can learn about, participate in and enjoy hockey free from harassment or abuse.

Bournemouth Hockey Club believes:

  • That the safety and welfare of children should always be of paramount importance.
  • That all those associated with the BHC respects the rights of every individual to participate in hockey.
  • That all relationships are based on openness, honesty, mutual trust and respect.
  • That those with responsibility must demonstrate proper personal behaviour and a competence that uses safe and correct practice.


  • To raise awareness and importance of child protection.
  • To raise awareness of an adults responsibility with regard to child protection.
  • To ensure that all those associated with BHC will follow appropriate procedures for identifying and reporting suspected cases.
  • That parents and children are aware that BHC has a Child Welfare Policy and has procedures for reporting cases.

Bournemouth Hockey Club’s nominated officers are:

  • Gavin Rusling
  • Elaine Murphy
  • Colin Kimber

Information received in the context of child protection will be treated as confidential.  Information will only be disclosed to those who need to know.

NSPCC HELPLINE  ….. 0808 800 8005000